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Ciao Bella!

Welcome to Purelove where our passion is bringing glamour to everyday life. We’re twin sisters and we’ve always had a thing for dressing up. Eventually our mom stopped dressing us alike and we realized that we had our own distinct styles as well. Though our lives diverged into radically different paths, our love for fashion and each other remained constant. In 2012, we opened our lovely boutique in our hometown of L.A. (that’s lower Alabama for ya’ll!), once again combining our styles under one roof.


Our Mission: Everyday Glamour. Because life isn’t a dress rehearsal.


So whether you’re running errands, on a date, or just hanging out, we’re committed to helping you bring a little bit of glimmer, shimmer, love, and (affordable) style to your everyday life. Here’s to finding glamour wherever you are!



                                                                           J + J

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