Perfect Waist Corset Shape Wear

$ 55.00

Functional yet discreet, the Perfect Waist reduces the waistline and moderately lifts the breasts, making you the perfect picture of perfection. Improves posture and provides back support giving you a more sophisticated look.


Made with Intelligent Fabric Technology:

What is Squeem’s Intelligent Fabric?

A breakthrough fabric technology made of a unique mix of cotton and natural rubber fused into a thin, single layer, compressive fabric.

How it works?

It shapes your body into a perfect figure using the triple-filtered cotton lining for superior comfort. The 100% natural rubber exterior allows the garment to adapt to your body and physical beauty. The garments have internal flexible boning for additional spot control to create a homogeneous compression. Our versatile lingerie, made with the exclusive Intelligent Fabric technology, will help you lose inches from your waistline in seconds.

The Benefits of the intelligent fabric technology – Superior shaping results, Firms and flattens the stomach, Corrects posture, Alleviates abdominal and back pain (consult your physician), Improves your metabolism, Assists in weight loss (Individual results may vary).


Product Size          Natural Waist Line          Dress Size

Small                        28 - 30 inches                  4 - 6

Medium                    31 - 33 inches                  8 - 10

Large                       34 - 36 inches                  12- 14

XL                            37 - 39 inches                  14 - 16

2XL                          40 - 42 inches                  16 - 18

3XL                          43 - 45 inches                  18 - 20

4XL                           46 -48 inches                  20 - 22

5XL                           49 -51 inches                  22 - 24


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